Thursday, December 3, 2015

Westchester Bee Line communication fail.

Westchester County' Bee Line bus system has a good operation, although they could improve on-time performance on some bus roues like the 25.  But when it comes to providing information on their website, they are worse than the MTA.

From November 8th until now, a road construction project on Jerome Ave at the Woodlawn Subway terminal on the NYC subway 4 line has detoured Bee Line bus routes 4, 20/20X/21 in the northbound direction.  These buses usually run on Jerome Ave from Bedford Park Blvd to Yonkers and are the busiest routes in the entire Bee Line system (the 20/20X/21 is Bee Line's busiest while route 4 ranks up there for it's quick access from Yonkers' Getty Square to the 4 train).  Northbound buses are detoured off from Jerome Ave onto Gun Hill Road and Bainbridge Ave until further notice.

But nothing about this service diversion is posted on the Westchetser Bee Line website - - I called Bee Line on two occasions to let them know about the missing information on this temporary detour on their website and it still hasn't been fixed.  Mind you, this is not the first time that Bee Line has not posted information about planned detours.

This is the screenshot as of today (12/3) - - only one service notice on Route 1 in Hastings:

The following pictures were taken on Monday at the Woodlawn subway terminal area - - I also drove past this area tonight - - here is a White Plains bound 20 local on Bainbridge Ave

Here is the NYC Transit Bx16/34 bus stop - - now Bee Line buses have to share this stop.

Here is the original bus stop, with temporary sign directing Bee Line customers to walk across Bainbridge Ave to the Bx16/34 bus stop - - note the road work which has taken out the curb lane

And the service notice - - this picture was too blurry to make out the start date but it was November 8th when the northbound 4/20/20X/21 Bee Line buses to be detoured off Jerome Ave.  Therefore, Bee Line was aware of the road work on Jerome and implemented the detour.

So why can't they post this detour on their website?  When a fire destroyed a row of stores, and damaged  the 260 year old Saint John's Episcopal Church in Yonkers' Getty Square - - Bee Line posted every bus detour which was affected by the street closings. They also go a good job during temporary service changes due to snow over the winter.  But I also noticed last summer that Bee Line doesn't post bus detour information during weekend parades and street fairs which required street closures. During 2016 when warmer weather approaches and the parades/fairs kick off along Westchester and Bronx counties, I will try to follow the Bee Line website to see how Bee Line is performing.

For a detour to last almost a month now - - and Bee Line is aware of this project in the Bronx - - it's inexcusable for them not to update this on their website.  That is a major communication fail. Wake up Bee Line.

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