Tuesday, December 8, 2015

1 train skips stops - -,before announcement was made

Many times, trains running behind schedule would skip certain stops to make up lost time and to maintain even intervals of train service - - this is known in NYC Transit jargon as a "battery run" and I never have a problem with that as long as there is a train right behind us.  What I do have a problem with is making a battery run first then telling customers after the fact.  Such a case of miscommunication took place last week on the 1 line, historically known for it's frequent battery runs as many trains fall behind schedule.  

On Friday December 4th, at approx 2 PM, I was on a northbound 1 train (car #1841) when a woman dragging her heavy bag was struggling with her daughter - - it was crowded at that time of midday.  When we got to 181st Street, it was a normal stop and the conductor announced 191 as the next stop.  Once the doors closed and the train was leaving the station, the conductor changed his previous announcement - - stating that the next stop is Dyckman Street - - thus the train will bypass 191st Street station.  This made the woman with the heavy package and daughter angry - - she was cursing.  At Dyckman, I asked the conductor why did he make the announcement to skip 191 after we left 181 - - the conductor said that control center (RCC) told him to skip 191 even though he told them that our train already left 181 when the order was made.  The conductor also told me that RCC told him to keep it moved because our train was way behind schedule.  We continued our conversation after our train left Dyckman with 225th Street being our next stop (as per RCC) to make up some lost minutes and he did apologized for the error.  .

That's great miscommunication - - now what about the woman with the package and the girl - - they needed to leave the train at - where else?  191st Street, of course.    The woman would have to ride all the way to 242nd Street/Van Cortlandt Park, the northern terminal for the 1 line then ride back to 191 as she would not be able to drag the package all the way down the stairs at Dyckman (she still would have steps at 191 though).  The conductor told me that there are elevators at Dyckman and I told him that he was only half right - - there is only one elevator at Dyckman and that is only on the southbound side from mezzanine to platform.  There is no elevator from the mezzanine to the northbound platform.  (Another important piece of information which NYCT employees should be trained on).   So I made sure that the woman and girl would stay on the same 1 train when leaving 242 before I left the terminal.

This is one reason why the MTA's Pledge To Customers is pure garbage and lies - - nothing more than a PR smokescreen to make them look good.  To make the announcement after the train leaves the station as miscommunication occurs can be dangerous - - what if RCC gave one set of instructions to avoid an accident or dangerous condition and the crew does not get the information until it's too late?   If the order was made after the train left the last station where customers can wait then the adjustment should be made.

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  1. Since she had to use the stairs at 191st St., she probably could have used the stairs at Dyckman St. as well. She could have used the elevator there to go up to the southbound platform.