Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Avenue X station renewal work complete and other NYC Transit errors.

Today, MTA New York City issued a press release with the title "Avenue X F Line Station Renewal Completed".  The title implies that the renewal work at the Avenue X station on the F line in Brooklyn is complete and all would be left are the finishing touches.  You would think NYCT's contractor completed work on this station.  

But the Avenue X station is only about 50 percent finished.  Not even close to be done.

The details on the press release are clear that on Monday morning (12/28) at 5 AM the Manhattan-bound side on Avenue X station will reopen.  As anyone who works and/or lives in this area, the Coney Island bound side is yet to be done - - that requires a full closure of this platform which is yet to be announced.  Has anyone at NYCT bothered to proofread this PR before the majority of the NYC area press receives this?  

Other mistakes I encountered on the MTA website are as follows:  

1.  The S89 and S93 Limited bus routes don't operate on December 26 (a Saturday) anyway.   

2.  Pelham Bay Park ADA elevator closure needs to be updated - - you cannot transfer between 4 and 6 trains at 125th Street due to these elevators are being closed for replacement on Jan. 8 (also see below)

3, 125th Street elevator outage on Jan 8, 2016 - - no access to Simpson St 2/5 station because these elevators are being replaced too,.  Also the Bx19 bus stop on Westchester Ave and Southern Blvd is too far away from the Hunts Point Ave 6 line station.   The correct location is around the Southern Blvd and Hunts Point Ave area.  

Errors makes us human - - that's why NYCT needs to proofread their work before posting.  

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