Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Why isn't the KKK classified as an terrorist organization?

With all the talk about NFL San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick's kneeling every time the U.S Star Spangled Banner is played - as a way to protest institutional racism in the United States - it's interesting to point out one thing that neither Kaepernick, nor the U.S. government is acknowledging or mentioning what should have been done decades ago - - the Ku Klax Klan (KKK) should have been labeled as a terrorist group similar to the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (better known as ISIS).

Let's look at what qualifies to be a terrorist group in relation to what the KKK has historically done:

1.  Commit violence or threats of violence in furtherance of advancing a social, political, ideological, or religious change:  For most of their time, the KKK has committed mass executions of colored (black) men, women and children to advance "white supremacy" in the United States.  The KKK claimed responsibility of firebombings against public places which mass numbers of black people converge, usually churches and buses.  Their means of intimidating blacks were to put burning crosses on their properties (along lawns), place a doll with a noose around the neck at nearby trees or in front of porches owned by black families, ride in a caravan of vehicles and travel slowly towns where blacks live and "preach" their hatred in groups right in front of victim's homes.

2.  Their targets reach across a specific class or group:  The murders/killings by the KKK are intended to install fear among blacks (especially in the south).

3.  The crimes are both illegal and morally wrong:  The killing of just one innocent person falls under both categories.

Now if the KKK was made as a terrorist organization, then that would have removed quite a few people from elected office or disqualify them from running in any capacity decades ago.  Among the most notorious former or current Klan members who held office are Sen. Robert Byrd, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black and the most notorious racist to hold office, David Duke who was at one time the Chair of the Republican Party's Louisiana branch (Duke was a democrat also).

Here is a short list of terrorist acts which have been confirmed that the KKK claims responsibility for:

1.  1951, Florida:  The Christmas Eve murders of Civil Rights activist Harry T. Moore and his wife by members of the KKK firebombing his home.  The blast injured Moore's mother and one of his daughters.  This tragic incident set off a firestorm in the black community over this despicable act of terrorism because the KKK also was responsible for at least 11 related bombings in the state of Florida alone.

2.  1963, Birmingham, AL:   The 16th Street Baptist Church was destroyed in a huge bombing plotted by four Klansmen.  The blast claimed the lives of 4 innocent girls and injured 22 girls who attended a church function.  The four Klansmen used 15 sticks of dynamite and a timer to set it off under the church''s front steps,  Also on that same year in Mississippi, Civil Rights activist Medgar Evers was assassinated by Klansman Bryon De La Beckwith

3.  From 1882 to 1968, members of the KKK lynched over 3,000 innocent blacks in that time period.

While this article appears to take a Liberal slant, there are some undeniable facts about the United States government's refusal to monitor the activities of the KKK and the Jewish Defense League (JDL), another "terrorist" organization through wiretaps and surveillance.  BTW:  I disagree with the author's comments about Al Queda - - they are the most serious threat to North America, Israel  and Europe.  

The KKK continues to enjoy the protection by the American Civil Liberties Union because they are exercising their 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and to peacefully assemble.  However the KKK's past history of terrorism should exclude them that right because the United States should have labeled them a terrorist group decades ago.  Last Thursday, two Hispanics and one Middle Eastern student donned KKK clad during Spirit Week at a Florida High School.  What's dangerous is that these students were non-whites promoting terrorism and mass-murders.  The KKK is back on the rise now with a massive recruitment effort across the United States.

Unless the U.S. Government takes action against groups like the KKK, they will continue to rise exponentially and post a serious threat to blacks across this nation.

The R179 subway car has finally arrived in NYC

They are finally here, one car to be exact

The long awaited R179 subway car model for MTA NYCT Transit, finally arrived in NYC over the George Washington Bridge on a Silk Road truck - - the first car (3014) arrived tonight on NYC Transit property for months of in-house testing and set up.  After 9 more cars will be delivered over the next 2-3 weeks, NYCT will spend a few months prepping the trainset for their 30 day in-service acceptance testing on a lettered subway line to be determined - hopefully this will take place within the next 4-6 months.  The test train will have car numbers 3010 through 3019, and if all goes well, 290 more subway cars will be delivered to NYC Transit property throughout 2017 into spring 2018.

Here are the very first photos of car #3014 waiting at the holding area on the Fort Lee, NJ side of the George Washington Bridge.

Here is a video of that same car traveling on West 178th Street as it crosses Fort Washington Ave in Manhattan - along with a photo..

And finally here are a couple of more photos of the R179 car coming down Wesr 215th Street, crossing 10th Ave as it prepares to knock the welcome door at NYC Transit's 207th Street subway yard in upper Manhattan.

EDIT:  Here is an excellent 4K video taken by DJ Hammers as 3014 enters NYCT property.

Thank you for viewing - - lights out for me.  Good night.