Saturday, June 6, 2015

MTA confuses themselves again on the 7 and F lines

May times I catch mistakes by the MTA but I have to give major props to a person who posts on Subchat, a well known discussion board for transit buffs.  He goes by the handle Michael549,  and made a post on this weekend's service changes on the 7 and F lines in Queens then literally dissects what is wrong  with MTA NYC Transit confusing themselves about the directions.  In a nutshell, southbound F trains run on the E and A lines from Roosevelt Ave in Queens to Jay Street-Metrotech in Brooklyn.  To access Lexington Ave/63rd Street or Roosevelt Island, one of the suggestions NYCT advises is to change at Roosevelt Ave for the 7 train upstairs at 74th Street station.

That doesn't sound like a bad idea to take the 7 train to 5th Ave in Manhattan (a better alternative for 63rd/Lex station only is to take the 7 train to Queensboro Plaza for the N train to nearby Lexington Ave/59th Street station.)   The problem is what MTA NYC Transit forgot to tell customers is that 7 trains to Manhattan were running express and bypassing 74th Street station, a local stop.

By the MTA's stupidity, they tell you to take a Flushing bound 7 train to Junction Blvd for a Manhattan bound 7 train to 5th Ave then a northbound F train - - all that just to get to Roosevelt Island or 63rd Street.  You can might as well use the original instructions on taking the Manhattan bound F to 7th Ave for the D to 47/50 station then transfer again for a northbound F train.  Once again the MTA is unable to cross-reference their own service changes - - making them look like idiots to the millions of customers who rely on accurate information.  Again, thanks to Michael549 over at Subchat for catching this. 

Oh, on another note and better late than never - - REMEMBER D-DAY.  It's the 71st Anniversary today -  remember the millions of Allied soldiers who took a major part in liberating France from Nazi Germany and turning the tide in World War II.