Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The R179 subway car has finally arrived in NYC

They are finally here, one car to be exact

The long awaited R179 subway car model for MTA NYCT Transit, finally arrived in NYC over the George Washington Bridge on a Silk Road truck - - the first car (3014) arrived tonight on NYC Transit property for months of in-house testing and set up.  After 9 more cars will be delivered over the next 2-3 weeks, NYCT will spend a few months prepping the trainset for their 30 day in-service acceptance testing on a lettered subway line to be determined - hopefully this will take place within the next 4-6 months.  The test train will have car numbers 3010 through 3019, and if all goes well, 290 more subway cars will be delivered to NYC Transit property throughout 2017 into spring 2018.

Here are the very first photos of car #3014 waiting at the holding area on the Fort Lee, NJ side of the George Washington Bridge.

Here is a video of that same car traveling on West 178th Street as it crosses Fort Washington Ave in Manhattan - along with a photo..

And finally here are a couple of more photos of the R179 car coming down Wesr 215th Street, crossing 10th Ave as it prepares to knock the welcome door at NYC Transit's 207th Street subway yard in upper Manhattan.

EDIT:  Here is an excellent 4K video taken by DJ Hammers as 3014 enters NYCT property.

Thank you for viewing - - lights out for me.  Good night.

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