Friday, December 18, 2015

Diallo cop gets promoted - - where's his apology to the Diallo family?

Kenneth Boss, one of the 4 officers who shot and killed Armadou Diallo when they mistook his wallet for a gun on the 1100 block of Wheeler Ave in the Bronx on Feb 4, 1999, was promoted to NYPD Sergeant yesterday.  Of course this infuriated Diallo's mom, Kadiatou Diallo and reopened old wound between NYPD and minorities.  Let's get one thing clear, Boss was promoted by Civili Serviced rules where he took the NYPD Sergeant's exam, passed it, and was later pulled off from the eligible list.  There is nothing anyone can do under NY State Civil Service Law to prevent anyone from being promoted.   And I am a proponent of Civil Service.  

However, it appears that Boss is not really interested in his mea culpa or apology to the Diallo family.  In 2003, Kenneth Boss claims that he didn't find any time in his "busy" schedule in apologizing to the Diallo family for that tragedy (since a jury in Albany found the 4 officers not guilty of all counts, we will refer this as a tragedy, given they received due process of the law.) - - and to this day, he still refuses to apologize to the Diallo family.   But he found a lot of time to file NY State and Federal lawsuits against the NYPD to get his gun back, not to mention pleading with three police commissioners before  the last Commissioner, Raymond Kelly, gave Boss his gun back in 2012. Boy, you can't just have a press conference or meet with Diallo's mom to man up and apologize cause you couldn't find the time to do so but you wanted everything else that's good for your restoration of your career with the NYPD.    Maybe you don't understand what Diallo's mom is going through for nearly 16 years - - a $3 million settlement with the city won;t bring her son back from that Wheeler Ave apartment lobby.  About a week after the shooting, I visited the walk-up apartment building and saw walls ripped with bullet holes.

In contrast to Kenneth Boss' self-righteous attitude, Sean Carroll, one of the other officers who confronted Diallo that fateful night, at least had a heart about what happened, saying that he has felt sorry about this incident from Day 1. / Carroll was emotionally distraught about it but whether Carroll's response is real or crocodile tears, at least he apologized for it.

The NYPD promoted dozens of Sergeants at 1 Police Plaza - - one of them was vermin.

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