Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Patriot - - a Facebook page filled with racism, terrorism and hate

The U.S. Patriot is a ultra right-wing, anti-Obama, conservative page I follow on Facebook - - it's not a page I personally endorse or "like" but I use the like button to see about the comments posted on their page.  Most of the Patriot's post are against President Obama, his First Lady Michelle Obama and the Democrats as a whole.   Some other Patriot posts are about radical Muslims and terrorism.  While there is a true hatred against Obama by most of the people who post comments on the Patriot's post, there are some disturbing comments which are considered to be racist, and even a death wish on Obama.   Among the comments are:

"Well then, if Manhattan gets nuked, we know which muslim did it." - Edward Hove

"Commit suicide!" - Susan Benakova

"Die" - Donald Vaughan

"Take Potassium Chloride cyanide now please"  - Shaun Patrick Mcintosh

"I just read the book  'Killing Kennedy' I can hardly wait to read a book about you !!  'Killing Obama' - Norma Murdock

"That it is time for him to DIE" - Dave Hemmerle

Murder of the U.S. President or any elected official is a capital offense - and considered terrorism.   That's all I have to say.

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