Saturday, March 8, 2014

FOX releases newest 24:Live Another Day YouTube video

This morning, Fox released a new 24:Live Another Day TV promo showing more information about the return of this great series.  We know that Jack Bauer, the man who saved the world 8 times in 96 hours, is still a fugitive hiding in London when he finds out the U.S. President is also visiting London to speak with the Prime Minister.  Jack also finds out that terrorists are planning (yet another) assassination attempt on the President (this story was also in Season 1 when President Palmer was targeted by more than one assassin). We also see a quick shot of one of the London Underground's rail lines.  Whether this will be good for the series return or rehashing an old plot from Season 1 remains to be seen - I will still be watching it anyway.  24 returns on Cinco de Mayo - May 5th. 

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