Saturday, March 8, 2014

Scandal S3 E12 "We Do Not Touch The First Ladies"

Scandal continues to defy the way you watch TV with characters blackmailing and eavesdropping each other. Thursday's episode is no exception with the highlight that Jake's love interest to his "imaginary girlfriend", Olivia Pope, fizzles when his B613 credentials discover on hidden camera that she may not have any feelings for him. President Fitz asked Liv in the Oval Office if she had feelings for Jake and she replied "Honestly, I don't know". The conversation between Fitz and Pope was already recorded and delivered in a flash drive to Jake for him to see. In other developments, Andrew, the CA governor inside the White House has a dirty secret for President Fitz and his election team - he used Oxycotin painkillers while at the governor's mansion and a reporter is going to leak this dirty baggage to the public. Adnan blackmails Harrison by giving him a suitcase filled with dirty money as payback for Olivia by telling Harrison about Oliva's secret. Charlie is doing surveillance work on Olivia and Rowan at a local restaurant, whom he is being watched by Quinn. Charlie drives off but Quinn is busted by Olivia, however Quinn shows Olivia a gun and warns her to back off. Now as for Publis, a secret character that has ties to B613, we find out that Cyrus is Publis and is about to get his cover blown. So David Rosen agrees to pose as Publis but he eventually gets kidnapped and tossed into a car by Huck and Abby (David calls Abby that he is kidnapped and loves her but is shocked when she was behind the setup when the car trunk door opens.). At the end of this episode, we now learn that Adnan's plans to infiltrate the White House and Fitz now involve an important figure we haven't seen last week - - Olivia's mom, Maya. Here is the full recap from the official Scandal page on the ABC website Whew!

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