Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Scandal S3 E13 "No Sun On the Horizon

 I know it's almost a week since I last week's Scandal aired, last episode ended with a BANG . . .literally.  Jake Ballard comes out of nowhere and shoots Vanessa then points the gun at James Novak (poor Cyrus) and David Rosen, two people who were setup in on-street "meeting" they never called in the first place with one shot and plenty of guessing #WhoGotShot.  As for the events leading up to the final confrontation and the mystery surrounding Jake's actions, we start with President Fitzgerald Grant taping a mock debate, in preparation for his Presidential debate with Sally.  James' hubby, Cyrus lets Olivia know that he covered up Sally's murder of Daniel while going all out crazy - calling Reston, Sally and his boss, Fitz, "murderers".  But Cyrus asks Jake to kill Sally, which he declines - go figure.     During the Presidential debate, Sally is about to make her confession to the killing while Tom (who is B-613, I have lost track - LOL) is ready to take out Sally with a sniper bullet.  But the shot apparently never went off as Fitz changes the subject around and the debate rages on.  Fitz "makes up" for lost time with Liv at the Oval Office.  Cyrus finds out that James planted a bug in his office and shows it to hubby - - James apologizes and tells Cyrus that David called a meeting with him.  But when James and David meet, David never called the meeting and neither did James.  They found out it was setup by Jake and that when the BANG happened. 

Full recap from opening bell to the "shot heard round the world" on the ABC website. 

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