Sunday, April 2, 2017

MTA keeps ignoring error on missing bus stop near Citifield

Play ball, the boys of summer are back today  - - baseball is back and let's hope for another NYC Subway Series with the NY Yankees and Mets this fall.

And another year which the MTA NYC Transit keeps telling us about a bus stop that no longer exists, for years.  Last Thursday, MTA HQ released a press release about encouraging baseball fans to take the bus or train to their favorite baseball home.  Buried in this PR are directions by bus to CitiField, specifically the Q19 and Q66 bus routes which run along Northern Blvd, just north of CitiField.   They tell you that westbound Q19 and Q66  (towards Astoria and Long Island City, respectively) buses "stop" at 126th Street and Northern Blvd, about two blocks from the stadium.

Trouble is, there never was a westbound bus stop for years, here are the latest photos taken Saturday which show that there is no room for a bus stop, nor signs.  Guardrails are protecting the north side of Northern Blvd, except for a cut at the crosswalk.

The MTA Bustime app and Trip Planner also has errors, the Q66 route shows the bus stop for the Westbound side of Northern and 126th Street - - even Trip Planner+  will get you lost if you follow their directions from Downtown Main Street.  The Q19, which only was recently extended to Flushing-Main Street area, correctly does not have the westbound Northern/126th Street bus stop in MTA Bustime.  

So how long has this error been ignored by the MTA?   How about 2016  2015 and also here and here although it appears the MTA lied in a purported email from this user on the (often volatile) discussion board Subchat in 2016 that they "corrected it"  - - presently there is NO bus stop according to NYC DOT which maintains a database of parking regulations.

So MTA, how many decades will it take for you to correct this egregious mistake which you have ignored and lied about in multiple press releases and news stories?

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