Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AG Sessions is right: The NYPD is soft on crime AND corruption

I still think of the idiocy of the Trump Administration (such as Spicer's comments on the holoucaust) but U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions III said what IS right:  The NYPD is soft on crime in all ways, AND soft on corruption too.

Take a look at these pictures of illegal license plate covers, very well ignored by the NYPD - - all parked outside 100 Centre Street - - aka Manhattan Criminal Court or the Tombs next door.   These vehicles belong to NY State Court Officers and NYC Correction Officers working in the adjacent jail.

That's just the tip of the iceberg - - there is the 10 to 20 daily photos posted by Placard Abuse and other users (including me) on Twitter that has been gaining momentum in the past month with many other users backlashing against the NYPD's corrupt practices in parking abuse.  If the NYPD was not soft on crime and corruption, then it would take swift and decisive action against the hundreds of NYPD and non-NYPD law enforcement officers using illegal license plate covers to steal city and state revenues from tolls and red light/speed camera fines.   License plate covers are not small potatoes - - they prevent identification of a vehicle involved in a hit and run accident, a felony if the accident causes death of another individual.  License plate covers rip off toll authorities to millions of dollars, which results in higher tolls, be it from law enforcement officers who do this.

Then there is De Blasio's soft stance on quality of life - - public urinating or carrying an open container of alcohol will get you a free pass in the courts because that is no longer an arrestable offense  even though they show disorder and decay in NYC.  De Blasio's argument is that this frees up 10,000 cases in criminal court.   How about going after the Court Officers and NYC Correction Officers who use license plate covers outside Manhattan Criminal Court as I have shown?  How about  the end of filing false 311 reports by the NYPD claiming they took action (summons or tow)
when it is clear that they didn't?  How about making Traffic Enforcement Agents do their jobs in ticketing or towing personal vehicles owned/leased by NYPD officers and civilians which are illegally parked, have expired placards, or illegal license plate covers - - instead of ignoring them.   (Do you want to be reminded of that illegally parked vehicle in Times Square??   Consider this article which might shed some light on the parking abuse and corruption)

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