Thursday, January 21, 2016

Your real, undiluted guide to NYC Transit weekend subway service during Jonas storm.

NOTE:  This information is posted as of Thursday 1/21 at 10 PM and may be subject to change due to an ordered partial or full suspension of subway service on Saturday 1/23 due to the track of Winter Storm Jonas as ordered by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

MTA NYC Transit is only telling you bits and pieces about planned service changes from Friday evening 1/22 through Monday morning 1/25 at 9 AM, through the morning rush hour,  In this Winter Weather Guide, issued by the MTA, they tell you a lot of "may"s - - Planned Service Changes MAY be cancelled, B service MAY be suspended, Express  service MAY be suspended on these lines....,limited 7 train service between Main Street-Flushing and 34th St-Hudson Yards MAY operate (with a transfer at Times Square), and so on.  On the MTA news release issued today, the story describes subway cars will be stored underground, impacting express service but offer few specifics and no mention of the B suspension, nor the limited 7 train service.  The MTA advises you to check the service status page for the latest updates and monitor traffic reports from NYC area news outlets as well as the NY State 511 page.  That is if and when they do post the service changes, since it is planned today with special schedules issued tomorrow morning for the PM train crews and dispatchers.  

That said, let's get on with the known details (by me) and some probabilities happening this weekend.  Here is a line by line breakdown, note that it's either definite or probable - - and unless otherwise noted each affected area applies to both directions of travel. 

A  - Definite:  Local in Brooklyn between Euclid and Hoyt from about 9 PM Friday until 6 AM Monday 
Probable:  Local 168-Canal Street

B - Suspended after 7 PM.  Last northbound B train leaves Brighton Beach at around 7 PM, last southbound train leaves 145th Street at around 7:30 PM.  NOTE:  After 6:45 PM, all scheduled northbound B trains that normally terminate at 145th Street will be extended to Bedford Park Blvd instead until end of service at 8:30 PM.  

D - Definite:  Local in Brooklyn between 36th Street and Grand Street (Manhattan) and also West 4th Street to 34th Street in Manhattan from 8 PM Friday to 6 AM Monday (all D train will also stop at Dekalb Ave).  Probable:  Local in Manhattan between 59th Street-Columbus Circle and 145th Street

E - Definite:  Local in Queens 71st Ave/Forest Hills and Queens Plaza from 9 PM Friday to 5 AM Monday

F - Definite:  Local in Queens between 71st Ave/Forest Hills and 36th Street/Northern Blvd from 9 PM Friday to 5 AM Monday

J - Probable:  Limited service between Jamaica Center and 111th Street - all trains will operate on a single track in both directions - - times I don't know.

M - Not confirmed but M service in Manhattan north of Essex Street to northern Queens at Forest Hills may end early on Friday evening (and run to Chambers Street on the J because they cannot turn trains south of Essex St, bad switch needs to be replaced)..

N - Definite:  Local in Brooklyn between 59th Street and Canal Street (Manhattan), stopping at Dekalb Ave and also local service in Manhattan between 34th Street and Canal Street from 7 PM Friday to 6 AM Monday.  All N local trains will use either the Manhattan Bridge (Friday evening and all day Sat/Sun) or via. the R Montague Street tunnel line (late nights) between Dekalb Ave and Canal Street as regularly scheduled.  

Q - Definite:  Local in Manhattan between 57th Street/7th Ave and Canal Street from 8 PM Friday to 6 AM Monday

2 and 3 - Definite: Local in Manhattan between 96th Street and Chambers Street from 9 PM Friday to 6 AM Monday.

4 and 5 - Definite  Local in Manhattan (between 125th Street and Brooklyn Bridge) and Brooklyn (Between Atlantic Ave and Utica Ave) from 9 PM Friday to 6 AM Monday.  Probable:  AM 5 Express service from Nereid Ave may be limited or suspended.

6 - Definite:  < 6 > Pelham Express service will stop running after 6 PM, all Pelham Bay Park bound trains will run local in the Bronx.

7 - Definite - reduced 7 train service late nights from 11 PM to 7 AM (6 AM on Monday) with trains running in two sections;  Between Main Street-Flushing and Times Square - - and shuttle train between Times Square and 34th Street-Hudson Yards.

S- (Rockaway Park) Probable:  Shuttle extended to Euclid Ave.  

That's all I know.. Again, the service plan could change on Friday with a possible systemwide shutdown on Saturday through Sunday, however the B suspension and all express service ending early will still take effect on Friday evening.  I wll let you know how well or poorly NYC Transit did over the weekend.  


  1. I would think after last year and all the blowback Cuomo and the MTA got over the shutdown they would not try that again. If anything, the Democratic Party, fearful of teeing off those who might support GOP candidates in elections well outside New York if Cuomo shut down the subways (even on a weekend) might make it clear to Cuomo he does it again and Wall Street looks to get revenge on Cuomo by supporting GOP candidates in the fall in general election, he would be considered "persona non grata" to the Democratic Party with the Democratic Party if they do not regain the House and/or Senate and even more so if whoever wins the Democratic nomination for President losing to the GOP candidate running a well-funded Candidate against Cuomo in 2018 if Cuomo runs for Governor again. If the higher-ups in the Democratic Party tell Cuomo not to shut the subways down under ANY circumstances and he refuses, Cuomo could be facing massive blowback.

    I'm sure behind closed doors the Republicans are rooting for Cuomo to shut down the subways again because they know if he does, it likely helps them in November, especially if Wall Street extracts revenge on Cuomo by heavily funding GOP candidates outside New York in races where it otherwise would be tight because the Democrat and GOP (and I'm sure Trump secretly would be hoping for this as well because it likely would help him if he's the GOP nominee for President, especiailly in New York with its 29 Electoral Votes).

    Also, the last forecasts I saw look like New York will miss the worst of this anyway, with 6-8" most likely as of now.

  2. Amazing, how even weather events can be politicized. I think this is more about safety and security of the people of NYC and surrounding areas. The news will always provide cover for liberal NY politicians so there will not be any "blowback" to any of the elected politicians in NYC. Amazing... the politico aperatchiks on already planning how to spin this. That is one of the problems with this nation being overrun and usurped by liberals.

    1. Unfortunately, Cuomo SEVERELY PO'ed Wall Street last year and I'm sure some on Wall Street told Democratic Party officials they would heavily support Republican candidates outside New York in races that are key to the GOP retaining control of the House and Senate in 2014. I suspect the DNC severely scolded Cuomo behind closed doors, making it clear to him if he EVER does it again, he faces being "persona non grata" to the Dems and even more so if Wall Street decides to "take it out" on Cuomo the only legal way they can by heavily funding GOP candidates as noted.

      This is NOT just about New York. What I think Cuomo failed to realized are the possible NATIONAL ripple effects and unintended consequences he caused by shutting down the subways. He caused many on Wall Street to be unable to get to their desks on a day the Dow fell 275 points. While the argument could be made such employees should have stayed in hotels overnight, that was not an option for some because of family responsibilities and in some cases spouses who insist on their others being home every night. What happened angered many heads of firms on Wall Street, especially where they lost significant money on a day they might not have if the subways had remained opened.

      The "liberal media" can't do anything outside New York, where Wall Street would go to extract revenge on the Governor by heavily funding candidates where they can upset the Democratic candidate. That's what Cuomo failed to realize could happen and the DNC knows this.

    2. Obviously, I meant 2016 in that post.

  3. Amazing, how even weather events can be politicized. I think this is more about safety and security of the people of NYC and surrounding areas. The news will always provide cover for liberal NY politicians so there will not be any "blowback" to any of the elected politicians in NYC. Amazing... the politico aperatchiks on already planning how to spin this. That is one of the problems with this nation being overrun and usurped by liberals.

  4. Looks like in the end Cuomo did the shutdown I would have done BOTH in 2010 and last year: Keeping the underground portions open while closing the more vulnerable parts of the system. The LONE exception I would have done was to keep the parts of the (1) open where's it elevated ONLY because that elevation has to do with the topography of those parts of Manhattan and how steep of a drop the street goes to where the subway is actually level throughout. MAYBE also the (J) and (M) because those go over the Williamsburg bridge and into a tunnel from the bridge that is covered. Aside from THAT, however, I would suspend ALL outdoor service.