Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Y2K + 16

Happy New Year everyone.

Now that reality is settling for 2016, I wish you prosperity, happiness and goodwill for 2016.  I personally have a running gag each year about the Y2K bug (or the Millennium bug) most of us were bracing for and never happened so this year marks Y2K plus 16.  :-).

Anyway, here's what to expect for 2016.

1.  We will elect our 45th President - - and it most likely be Donald Trump.  Trump has been on a tear in the polls and next month is the start of the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary.  All this will lead into the summer RNC and DNC conventions and General Elections.  Imagine if Trump took 40 or more primary states before his coronation.  Personally, I have yet to see how Trump will really focus on the middle class if he is keeping his promise to increase taxes for his Wall Street "friends", while lowering taxes for the middle class (Do you hear that Governor Cuomo???).

2. We may be in prosperity or a long recession.  The stock market's mood swings are more frequent  than changing diapers on a baby - - one day the market may gain 500 points or lose it all the next.  The U.S. economy is clearly not in the best shape now.

3. The Second AVE subway may finally open in December 2016 - - don't hold your breath given the MTA's poor track record.

4.  New Apple Watch 2 coming in March as well as the new Apple 7 series, Samsung Galaxy Note 6 and S7 phones.  The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (later this month) and Barcelona's Mobile World Congress (next month) shows give us a dazzling taste of new mobile technologies and gadgets that can make Q branch blush.

All in all, be safe this year.

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