Sunday, March 12, 2017

The mistake of firing Preet Bahara

Wall Street criminals, embezzlers and crooked politicians (Democrats and Republicans alike) can now sleep better thanks to President Trump and U.S. Attorney General Sessions backstabbing against the greatest prosecutor in U.S. criminal justice history: Preet Bahara,  U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY State.  Bahara's reputation as a crime busting prosecutor makes the great cop, Eliot Ness like an shy school boy.  He has prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases, won billion dollar settlements against the largest world banks for fraud, won criminal convictions against two of the top Al Qaeda terrorists, two powerful politicians in NY State, several contractors involved in that infamous CityTine overtime fraud scandal, and has been honored in Time Magazine.  Bahara represents the American Dream, an immigrant from India who graduated from Harvard and Columbia Law school, and rose up the ranks in criminal law as a hungry prosecutor to be appointed by President Obama as U.S. Attorney General.  After President Trump's election, he personally arranged a meeting with Bahara at his Trump Tower residence, asking Bahara to remain as AG.  Bahara accepted Trump's offer and continued to work, until last Friday when Sessions requested the resignations of the remaining 46 AG's who were Obama appointees.  Since Bahara was one of the 46 asked to resign, he refused and subsequently was fired, according to a tweet from Bahara's newly created personal Twitter account.  It was also confirmed that President Trump did try calling Bahara to "thank him for his service", indicating that his services to the incoming administration were no longer needed.  The firing put a sour taste on Bahara's mouth, comparing it to NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo's formation then sudden disbanding of the Moreland Commission.  

We know it's customary for incoming Presidents to purge any of the predecessor's "fingerprints", including replacing all attorney generals.  However the timing of this matter in relation to Trump's request to keep Bahara, then Sessions firing him 3 months later while there are important criminal investigations against aides to NY State Andrew Cuomo as well as NYC Mayor De Blasio facing multiple criminal investigations is disgraceful at worst for the American public.  Bahara didn't care if you were Republican or Democrat, he went after anyone with greased hands, if you were a crook, Bahara's got your jail.  Hey Trump, Bahara even got convictions of at least one Mexican cartel, with a 30 year sentence.

But back to the firing...why?   It's too soon to tell as I will not post why because it's currently speculation.  But the right wing conservatives are blaming liberals, by claiming  crocodile tears over Bahara's firing.  Former Gov. Mike Huckabee warned that holdovers from a prior administration will "probably gonna sabotage the administration".   That is not the issue - - the issue is whether the move by Trump in keeping Bahara then firing him 4 months later smells of corruption and scandal - - in the Trump Administration.  Even after the firing of Bahara, it won't compromise his ongoing cases as they are usually handled by Assistant District Attorneys.  AG Session's replacement will not be anywhere near Bahara's league - - it's a tough act to follow when you amass over 100 plus convictions, taking down one of the most powerful politicians in NY State (former NY State Assembly leader Sheldon Silver, he currently remains free on bail) and refuses in submitting to partisan politics, the U.S. Government has lost a great leader in criminal justice.  

Beware Trump and Sessions - - that Bahara firing may bite you guys back....hard.

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