Tuesday, January 24, 2017

President Trump's fact checking and lies

Wow, just wow.  Not since Bill Clinton has a U.S. President lied to the American public so much as our 45th President, Donald Trump.

First, to be honest and fair (and I am not fake news), I wish our Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, all the best in his tenure as our U.S. President.  I won't praise or criticize Trump about his proposed policies.  However, when Trump and his staff make false statements to the public about the crowd size at his Inauguration last Friday, or retracts a statement about who is paying to build a wall across the U.S. Mexico border, I have serious reservations about his fitness to serve as our 45th U.S. President.

1.  Trump calls CNN "fake news"  - -  MIXTURE:  On January 11, then President-elect Trump held a press conference where he directly called out CNN's reporter Jim Acosta for fake news in response to a unverified CNN report that the Russians had a dossier on Trump along with intelligence reports on his personal and financial information which may have compromised the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.  Let's get one thing straight, the information was not verified to be true.  However, by Trump calling out CNN "fake news", does not mean that all of CNN's news is fake.  CNN, along with most news outlets does take a liberal slant and is biased against conservatives.  But that does not mean CNN is a bad source of news information as Trump walked out from an archived CNN interview from 1990  with Charles Feldman when asked about Marvin Roffman's allegations that the upcoming Taj Majal Casino in Atlantic City would not survive 3 months after opening and Trump's questionable managerial practices in his casinos,  Long story short, Roffman's allegations was partially right as the Taj Mahal went into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection only 16 months after the casino opened in March, 1990.     On the other side, the news media was caught with their pants down when Zeke Miller, a TIME magazine reporter, falsely reported that Donald Trump removed the bust of Dr. Martin L. King from the White House Oval Office.   The story was quickly retracted but it's false reports like this which President Trump does have a valid point when it comes to fake news.  However you can also Google conservative "news" sites yourself which post satire and fake news.

2.  Trump claims in his tweet that his inauguration looked like the largest ever with over 1 million people - - FALSE:   He is a pathological liar to claim that there appeared to be over 1 million people.  Let's be clear, he did say "it looked like one million - a million and a half people",  but a side-by-side comparison of Trump vs. Obama's 2008 inauguration clearly showed not even close to the 1 million Trump assumed.  Even the ultra-conservative FOX News read between the lines in Trump's lies when correspondent Chris Wallace questioned White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus about the crowd size and called him out    And the Washington (WMATA) Metro rail system recorded less than 200K trips at 11 AM on Trump's Inauguration Day with most stations have plenty of parking spaces available.

3.  Trump wants Mexico to build the wall, all at their expense.  - - FALSE:  Trump now wants to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall using OUR government money and OUR taxpayer funds - - then he will send the bill to Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico President.   Considering Trump's fiery accusations that all \Mexicans are rapists and murders, I don't think the Mexican government will pay a penny for Trump's wall - - no, no not the way to build foreign relations with incendiary and false accusations like this.  Good luck Mr. Trump, you'll need it.

There are other statements which Donald Trump has made, some true, some false and some as Politifact has pointed out  - - "pants on fire".  Politifact has awarded Trump the 2015 liar of the year.  So, here is a full list of Donald Trump quotes which came under scrutiny.  Mr. Trump you were elected by the American public, regardless on whether there was voter fraud in the polls or not - - it's your turn to prove in your bold, cocky statements that you promise in "Making America Great Again".   Prove us that you are for real or shut your Twitter infested mouth up.

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