Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Evan McMullin over the clowns Trump and Clinton

Evan McMullin (I), remember the name.

McMullin is an independent conservative (left-centrist) who is the best alternative to that clown Donald Trump, in the 2016 Presidential election race, along with another clown, Hillary Clinton.  Sadly, McMullin is on the ballot in only 11 states with write-in ballots in approx 20 more states.  McMullin is one of three alternatives to Trump and Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Race , the other two independents who have ballots in all 50 states are Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party Dr. Jill Stein.  To me, Americans have a choice when it comes to voting and the events in the past month leaves me very disturbed about Trump and Clinton.  Between Trump's derogatory remarks he said 10 years ago about grabbing a woman's you-know-what, to Hillary Clinton dodging an FBI investigation about the deleted emails and the phantom server (amazing that nothing was connected between the multiple "suicides" of persons known to the Clintons.), I wonder who would be fit to be commander-in-chief for the next 4 years.   Trump claims the election was rigged in favor of Clinton from the get-go but the election is rigged against the 3 independents because they did not participate in the previous two Presidential debates and it's unlikely that any of the independent candidates will be in Wednesday's debate.  

In the spirit of being impartial and politically neutral, here is a brief summary of the three independent candidates.  

Evan McMullin:  Former CIA director, McMullin is pro-life, believes that same sex marriages should be respected by moving on  as well as keeping Guantanamo Bay prison open, supports Republican tax reform (but it's going to benefit the rich more than the working class, unless he tweaks it), and maintains border security without deporting 11 million Muslims and Mexicans.  Finally, while McMullian is against most provisions of Obamacare - he affirms that the uninsured people have a need for basic medical care and is willing to keep some provisions of it.  

Gary Johnson: (Libertian Party)  Pro-Life, wants to legalize drugs, supports same-sex marriage, against stop-and-frisk, believes iin big government without massive debt, supports free trade agreements, believes that states should have more control over Medicare/Medicaid

Dr. Jill Stein:  (Green Party):   Abolish private prisons, increase taxes for millionaires and offshore accounts, against privatization of Social Security. charter schools, common core in schools and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

You can peruse the linked names and make an informed decision - - the general election is less than 3 weeks away.  The three-ring circus is now on the final act.   

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