Sunday, October 4, 2015

Worst President Obama disses Chris Mintz, the Oregon hero and former U.S. veteran

Google the following links:

Oregon Shooter - - 12.5 Million news sources

Chris Harper Mercer - -  over 5 million news sources.

Chris Mintz - - only 1.7 M sources

Obviously the liberal dominated news media is glorifying the Oregon shooter while giving a little information about an unsung hero, Chris Mintz,   Mintz was a decorated Army infantryman who served time at Fort Bragg in Fayetville, NC from 2004 to 2007 and was celebrating his sons birthday at Oregon's Umpqua Community College when the coward asked students in one of the school's classrooms for their religion and started shooting at them, killing 10 people and wounding others.  Mintz, pulled the alarms in the library building then ran back to the classroom so he and try stopping the coward.  Mintz took a few bullets and broke both of his legs in the process.   Mintz not only risked his life to save others, especially his son, but his skills in the army were put to the test in trying to stop the cowardly gunman  (the coward shot himself to death minutes after police officers arrived.)

And President Obama has said NOTHING about Mintz, the great hero and child of God.   For Obama to the so-called Commander-in-Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces and speak about gun control, terrorism, and other things but not once did he even mention Chris Mintz in Thursday's speech.   

What a disgrace - - President Obama not recognizing one of your own soldiers who served our country while you started running for U.S. President in 2007-08 and who saved many lives.   Disgusting - - Jimmy Carter may have been the worst U.S. President ever but as of today, Obama eclipsed Carter by a wide margin.   Obama can extend an White House invitation to Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his school, but he won't even pick up the phone to congratulate Mintz.  Mintz will need months of rehabilitation before he can walk again - at least there is a White House petition circulating  to get Obama in awarding Mintz the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Mintz gets an automatic Medal of Freedom - - why should the petition be needed in the first place?  Mohamed didn't need a White House petition to meet Obama.

And Obama is supposed to be leader of a superpower country?  Obama is a coward, just like the Oregon gunman.


  1. I do not intend to disrespect our President but I am dismayed by this matter. I kept hoping and expecting that he eventually would recognize Mr. Mintz. He was really quick to recognize and even invite the teenage kid to the White House....Very hard to overlook this fact. Maybe, today?

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  4. I love how the author continues to delete comments he doesn't like but when the trashy mouth Obama lover starts flapping his gums it is all cool. Jesus Christ is lord, not a adjective you asshole. Go ahead and delete this one too. Point is, Aaroneous is a blind Obama worshiper. Ignorant