Thursday, July 23, 2015

Donald Trump - - his betrayal towards McCain and the U.S. veterans

I worked at the now-closed Loews 34th Street showplace theater when I first shook hands with Donald Trump in the early 1990s as he entered the 3-screen theater to see a movie for the night - with his then-wife Ivana Trump and his security detail.  Trump is a nice guy to talk to and I had a lot of respect for him - even when he announced on June 16  that he threw his 24-karat gold hat into the crowded 2016 Presidential run field.  He is a brash no-nonsense person who spoke the truth about Francisco Sanchez, the man who allegedly murdered Kathryn Steinle on July 1 in San Francisco    after it was reported that Sanchez was deported 5 times from the United States back to Mexico.    He may have offended Mexicans, calling them drug dealers and rapists (not all Mexicans are like that) - but illegal immigration is a serious problem in the United States and President Obama has been a joke when it comes to our national security. 

But I lost all respect for Trump after his comments about U.S Senator John McCain's (R - AZ) war record, "He (McCain) is not a war hero"  and ""He was a war hero because he was captured.  I like people who weren’t captured." I find insulting to every American soldier - - died in the line of duty, Prisoner of War, Missing in Action, or safely home after doing his/her service.   .   Nice way to insult a war veteran - - especially when you were a draft dodger during the Vietnam War - - and never served in the military.   At least I will admit I never served in the military but I have a great love and respect for our men and women who fought for our great country.  My father was a photographer when he served in the Army in the mid-1960's and my late father-in-law served in the Jamaica forces.   My family's military background gives me more cause to support our U.S. war veterans.  Trump has zero respect for them - - he hasn't said anything about the nearly 50,000 U.S. military veterans who are homeless - - a sickening number given the fact that they fought for our country's economy and freedom.  Meanwhile we feed and house welfare recipients  - - why can't we do the same to our U.S war veterans - - they should come first over welfare cases.  

Please Trump, leave the presidential race.  We had one draft dodger (Clinton) in office - - we don't want another hypocrite draft dodger in 2017.  Anyone who insults our U.S military should be permanently barred from running any U.S. office.  We need a Presidential candidate who will put our military and working class families first - - not illegal immigrants, not people on welfare and who refuse to look for work, and definitely not special interest groups fulfilling their own personal agenda through lobbyists in Congress. 

We can provide equal opportunities for marriage through our U.S. Supreme Court, we can make a (flawed) deal with Iran (they will get billions) on nuclear weapons, we can take down the Confederate flag, we can give the world to a single mother but we can't house, feed and provide good medical care to a U.S. war veteran.  Mr. Donald Trump, I am waiting for your response about our homeless veterans since you said nothing about this.  Very sad. 

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