Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Day - - remember the fallen

I exited from the northbound Bronx River Parkway to Downtown White Plains - - as a approached the      street, I saw an U.S. Army banner marred by graffiti.  Of course it's disgusting to see vandalism to private property but it goes beyond disrespectful to the man and women who fought - - some who also died in the line of duty - - while protecting our democracy.   Today's younger generation is too busy caught up in twerking and Apple watches that many lose sight of the importance of our American soldiers.  Memorial Day weekend brings beaches, barbecues and parades - - and also the close of Fleet Week along the Hudson River.   But no matter what your plans are, take a moment to stop and remember the men and women who gave it all for our freedoms -  because if it were not for these soldiers, then we could have spoken German or some other country and there would be no U.S. Constitution anymore.  If you see a sailor in white or any American soldier, salute him/her and thank them for their service.

Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend - - I close with this YouTube video from a user named Chris Wszolek.  Music credits are in the video's description, via. the video's link

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