Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NYCT fails to post Nereid 5 line service status.

MTA New York City Transit preaches us to "check service status" all the time.

And they still are withholding certain service information, agaiin.

This morning, a rail condition on the 2 and 5 lines near 3rd Ave and 149th Street station was first reported at approximately 6:30 AM.  From that time to about 8:30 AM, there were 4 updates ranging from a full suspension of 2 and 5 service between East 180th Street and 96th Street/Broadway or 149/Grand Concourse to northbound 2 and 5 running with delays.  None of these messages told customers that AM rush hour 5 service from Nereid Ave was not running.

But tell that to the 5,000 customers between Bronx Park East and Nereid Ave who waited in the freezing cold (20 degrees isn't warm) for the next 5 train.  Sure I guess in NYCT's eyes. 5,000 customers ain't a big deal but when they have to get to work on time and wait in the cold at the same time, then it is a big deal when there are no announcements or service alerts.  What I can say this is that the first four and last four 5 train runs were abandoned (ABD or cancelled) because of the rail condition further south along the White Plains Road line.  I waited for the 6:40 train at Nereid which didn't come out to play from the nearby subway yard (and the 6:52 run was abandoned too.)  The asterisk next to the two 5 trains show scheduled arrival times, not actual times.


Just before I started work, I checked on the last three 5 train runs from Nereid (from 8 AM on), none of these runs took place.

Again, there was no serviced alert about no 5 trains running from Nereid Ave - - I cannot confirm if any 5 line runs from Nereid Ave took between 7 and 8 AM but I can say that any significant suspension of a line, even for 30 minutes - is unacceptable when that service information is not disseminated to the public.  Perhaps these 5,000 upper WRP deserve better then being treated like garbage from NYCT. 


  1. Hello. Would you happen to know if AM 5 train service from Nereid has been suspended? I can't find any information anywhere. Due to car trouble, I've been forced to take the train intermittently for the past couple months. I get on at 241 and figure I'd transfer at Nereid to because I can get a seat on the 5 and have a shorter trip to Brooklyn. But in those 2 months, there have been no 5 trains departing from Nereid.

    1. Sorry for late reply. 5 trains from Nereid usually run early in the morning.