Thursday, August 28, 2014

Al Sharpton, when are you going to Salt Lake City???

Al Sharpton, you are too busy with the Eric Garner chokehold death in Staten Island, as well as the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri.    Heck, in response to the Ferguson matter, you even volunteered to fly over to the St. Louis suburb to meet with the Brown family.   I wholeheartedly agree that police brutality is a serious issue which must be addressed.  I also wholeheartedly agree that most blacks are victims of police brutality, especially the NYPD's treatment of minorities.  Rev. Al, I feel for you.

But did you know that 2 days after the Brown incident, there was a police involved shooting in Salt Lake City, UT where a parole violator was shot dead by one of the three SLC PD officers outside a 7-Eleven store- all caught on video by the officer wearing a bodycam - all because the recidivist was wearing headphones while the officers either ordered him to lie down or put his hands up.  Suddenly, two shots were fired by one of he three officers and minutes later, a man was laying dead in a pool of blood.  The man, Dillon Taylor was white.  The officer who shot him, was black - - just in case you wanted to know since the local news media ignored the race issue as well as a lack of national interest in the Taylor shooting. Men and women in Salt Lake City, the majority of them were overwhelmingly white, protested peacefully on the streets after the shooting.  Yes, this could be a case of police shooting another unarmed man, as is the case with most high profile incidents.  Yes, it's somehow "rare" that a black officer shoots and kills and unarmed white man in the rocky mountain region, 2,500 miles away from NYC.  But where is your big mouth, Al?  When are you speaking up for the family of Dillon Taylor?  Are you treating all police shootings as a police brutality issue or a race issue? Would you hop on the next flight and red eye it out to Salt Lake City to meet with the Dillon family?  You can travel 1,800 miles to Saint Louis, what's an extra 700 miles stopping you from rescheduling your week's itinerary and getting another flight from Saint Louis to SLC, meet with the Dillon family before coming back to NYC and continue on with your business with the Garner case?  Aw shucks Al, anyone of us (unarmed, of course), black, white, Hispanic, Indian, Muslim, etc,, could be shot by any officer for no apparent reason but being trigger happy or having a firm grip on someone's neck.

Like I said, an black officer shot and killed an unarmed white man while the news media flatlines on this controversial incident involving race.  When are you going to utter one sentence on this Dillon matter?   If the officer was white and the victim was black, I am sure you and the news media would be singing a different tune. 

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