Wednesday, July 16, 2014

24 Live another Day - - not the same 24 (SPOILER ALERT)

Last Monday was the conclusion to another bad day for Jack Bauer in the revived 24 franchise, "24: Live another Day".  As much as I though the ending was better than Season 8, the overall show was definitely not up to par with the earlier seasons of 24.  I think the low point of this day was the "planned" surrender and death of President James Heller by one of Margot Al-Harazi's reprogrammed drones, which really was pathetic that Jack and President plotted to access Al-Harazi's computer systems to loop the footage of Heller standing in Wembley Stadium while the real President Heller stealthy makes an exit with Jack (but would the missile take out one-half of the stadium, not just Heller?). 

Also the finale shootout seems ripped right from the ending of Season 1 - - both locations are in the docks, Jack finds out that something terrible happened to a loved one (Nina Meyers lies to Jack about his daughter (Kimberly) drowned in the waters from Season 1, whom he later finds out that Kim was found alive - while in LAD, Jack's ex and President Heller's daughter, Audrey Heller was killed by a backup shooter),  Finally, we see Jack seeking vengenace for the men responsible for the people responsible for those deaths (at least Jack thought so in Season 1).   It seems like everyone is going through the motions - it's a matter of finding out who were the moles (Steve Navarro, played by the brilliant Benjamin Bratt from Law and Order - and Adrian Cross, the hacker whom Chloe O'Brian was working for.)

But for it's faults, 24 LAD still remains a good show to watch, with quite a few plot twists and surprises, including the series' first ever "silent clock" done twice in the same episode - - once for Audrey and another for Jack himself (I won't tell you why but it sure opens the door for Jack to come back for day 10.). The silent clock is used to introduce a commercial break after a major character is killed off or dies.  If you take away the comparisons to Days 1, 2 and 5 (with the best 15 minutes of television watching, ever - - President Palmer's assassination in a hotel room), then 24 LAD is still appointment television. 

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