Thursday, April 3, 2014

More of the U.S Patriot's Lies on Facebook

As I posted last week, the The U.S Patriot's Facebook page is clearly filled with hate and terrorism.  I also wanted to point out the lies and deceit the Patriot does about President Obama.  On March 30, they posted a Facebook page titled "Should the U.S. abandon Obamacare?" along with a picture of President Obama and signer (and now jailbird) Justin Bieber kissing each other.  The caption reads "Obama and Justin Bieber Make Out to push Obamacare?".  Actually, that picture of Obama and Bieber kissing was taken from a Saturday Night Live skit with two actors portraying Obama and Bieber who kiss each other.  Of course it's satire and not real but the Patriot makes it look like Bieber and Obama did it.  The link to the new article also mentions them as actors in the SNL skit - and it was mysteriously removed from the Patriot's website just to keep the lie going...

On the same day as the Obama/Bieber article appeared, another Facebook post shows First Lady Michelle Obama having an addiction.  When you actually open the link, it's  Michelle having an open addiction to......(drum roll). watching Scandal.  Really???  Like watching TV is a crime.  Do people really care about this addiction?  Is it wrong for the FLOTUS to be a hardcore Gladiator? 

Please, spare us. 

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